Our Approach


A Standish Report states that only 16% of the IT projects are delivered on time, while over 50% of the projects experience cost overruns of nearly 100% and nearly 34% of the projects are scrapped after having incurred a lot of expenditure towards their development.

Usually, the culprit is: the incomplete requirements document that contain significant amount of implied biases. When companies go by it, they end up delivering incomplete body of work.

If you thought project delays is a norm, meet Tristha. We excel in the art and science of ensuring 100% test coverage and 100% schedule adherence.

Our Tesseract Methodology


How we deliver Managed Outcome every time?

We are in the business of delivering certainty of outcome. Our approach to work is our differentiator. It consists of the following three stages:

  • QA Excellence based on Domain and Process Expertise
  • Efficiency Enhancement through Technology Enabled Accelerators
  • Requirements and Knowledge Managament


QA Excellence based on Domain and Process Expertise

In other words, “Testware Completeness”. Normally, most internal test scripts provide anywhere between 50% to 70% of coverage vis-a-vis the product functionality. However, at Tristha, we map/reverse engineer the product functionality to ensure that 100% of the functionality is identified, listed and traced to the product manual/BRD.


Efficiency Enhancement through Technology Enabled Accelerators

Also known as Automated Regression Test Back. Automation of regression pack under normal circumstances tends to save at least 40% of execution efforts.

At Tristha, we believe in creation of frameworks which enable a delivery philosophy of faster, smarter and better. The framework for Automated Regression pack is primarily based on the principle of being process dependent and not people dependent.

A well-organised test repository in our experience has helped reduce manual regression efforts by 10%. More importantly it enhances time to market significantly. It helps in easy retrieval of the relevant test scripts  for any enhancement or regression testing. We create an utility for the Test Repository. This is done in the test management tool or effectively delivered using MS Access.


Requirements and Knowledge Managament

It is our belief and experience, that a Requirements leads to a Managed Outcome. In the first 2 stages, we focus on creating a complete test repository. At the third and the last stage, we also parallely start building a requirements repository which by the time the automation is done would be almost 70% ready. We create this  repository for all the business processes in the bank across applications and functions. This stage is when accelerators that either help faster testing or better development are also created.