About Us

Tristha Global is a Wholistic software testing services and product company offering world class Quality Assurance services. Started in 2016, we have scaled rapidly to include a growing team of 150 members, while servicing over 17 clients, primarily in the banking sector.

We are a focused BFSI QA companies

Tristha is a QA company that focuses exclusively on the Banking Financial Services and Insurance segment. The domain value add that Tristha brings in is unparalleled. This domain knowledge not only helps customers estimate their project scope with great accuracy, also it has helped Tristha create reusable repositories for multiple lines of business in the BFSI space

We offer Certainty of Outcomes

Tristha brings in its superior Domain knowledge coupled with a rigorous methodology to deliver predetermined outcomes. Tristha commits to prespecified output metrics ranging from Test Coverage to Defect leakage. Tristha works with customers over the entire application life cycle. Tristha travels with its customer beginning with implementing processes to achieve predetermined outcomes in both upgrade/ migration projects to BAU/ RTB testing to implementing Productivity initiatives like accelerators and Test automation and finally helping customers scale the requirements maturity phase.

We deliver First Time Right

Statistics shows that almost 75% of projects incur an overrun of more than 75% in terms of cost & time. RCA suggests that the primary culprit are Requirements. Tristha's domain strengths help bridge the requirements gap. This followed by the rigorous test methodology ensures that all projects tested by Tristha are delivered First Time Right. All Tristha deliverables sent for customer review adhere to a 95% First Time Right SLA.

360* Offering

Tristha is the only QA organization that has created its own Test Automation & Test Management Tool. Tristha thus provides a wholistic QA solution comprising of the following:


World Class Test Automation & Test Management Product

AQuATM is a powerful Test Management and Test Automation tool and developed by domain experts with decades of experience in testing in the financial services sector. AQuATM lets the user have full control over managing test scripts for applications across various platforms such as mainframe, web and mobile.

Our Approach

Tristha Global's wide range of end-to-end automated testing
solutions cover the entire application lifecycle.

A renowned report on IT project management states that only 16% of the IT projects are delivered on time, while over 50% of the projects experience cost overruns of nearly 100% and nearly 34% of the projects are scrapped after having incurred a lot of expenditure towards their development.

Usually, the culprit is: the incomplete requirements document that contain significant amount of implied biases. When companies go by it, they end up delivering incomplete body of work. If you thought project delays is a norm, meet Tristha. We excel in the art and science of ensuring 100% test coverage and 100% schedule adherence.

4DEM Testing Methodology

Tristha testing approach 4 Digital Evolution Model (4DEM)

How we deliver
Managed Outcome
every time?

We are in the business of delivering certainty of outcome. Our approach to work is our differentiator. It consists of the following three stages:

QA Excellence based
on Domain and
Process Expertise

Efficiency Enhancement
through Technology
Enabled Accelerators

and Knowledge Management

Our Team

Tristha Global is founded by professionals who among them have a combined experience of
about 75 years and testing experience of nearly 40 years in the Banking and Financial Services Industry
domain across all the global markets.

R. Srinivasan

Chief Executive Officer

R. Srinivasan has 28 years of experience spanning Sales, Advertising and B2B Mkt Research and Quality Assurance


Taral Shah

Chief Operating Officer

Taral has over 27 years of experience in financial services sector and financial services testing business.


Sheetal Shah

Executive Director

Her experience and expertise covers the entire spectrum of Quality Assurance ranging from Business Requirements to Testing Strategy, Planning and Execution.


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