AQuATM is a powerful Test Management and Test Automation tool and developed by domain experts with decades of experience in testing in the financial services sector. AQuATM lets the user have full control over managing test scripts for applications across various platforms such as mainframe, web and mobile.

What makes AQuATM unique?

One tool for all functional testing, test/defect management, reporting needs

  • No need to include and manage multiple tools
    (or) build, train and retain multi teams

Codeless test execution

    • Anybody can build automated tests with very little trainin Business, Developer, Tester


  • No need to build multiple teams skilled on multiple programming languages/tools

Adaptable to any development or QA ecosystem

    • Compatible with Waterfall, Agile, DevOps methodologies


    • Web, Mobile, Mainframe, Desktop applications can be tested


    • Can be easily plugged into existing tools or utilities


  • Heterogeneous tests running across multiple platforms can be executed in a single test instance

Focus on reduced maintenance

    • Robust version control, one place maintenance Centralized objects repository, Centralized data store and test scripts


    • Multi data sets for same script


  • Environment wise data stores for easy execution of pack across environments


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