The journey from digital information to digital transformation has caught on all businesses and has become a prerequisite for all organizations. Emerging technologies are transforming our world and providing a huge opportunity for organizations to leap ahead of their peers. Over the next decade, every successful business will need to be digital at heart: powered by data, and running in a multi-cloud world.

To support them in their transformation journey, organizations would require a QA partner who can provide smart solutions encompassing a robust and agile methodology, analytics, tools, and technology so that business processes and solutions can be evaluated and enhanced in real time, keeping pace with the demands of the market.

The QA strategy will have to be aligned with changing development methodology, platforms and risks that these changes pose. QA providers will have to modify their testing frequency, testing levels and types to ensure all quality risks have been addressed and efficiency has been improved to ensure faster time-to-market. Testing is moving from testing at the end of a release to continuous testing parallel to development, to ensure major issues have been plugged earlier in the life cycle and only a final "dip-stick" verification would be required as we move closer to a release, thus enabling smoother and faster releases.

  • End - to - End QA strategy covering all quality risks
  • Right amount of automation to bring in efficiency and enable Continuous / Shift left Testing
  • Agile test packs built with focus on easy maintenance

  • End - to - End, cloud hosted, in-house tool AQuATM for test automation - Web, Mobile & API ( Built "By Testers for Testers")
  • Ready to leverage test repositories - Product and domain specific
  • Domain specific accelerators - Payment Simulator

  • DevTesters who understand develoment challenges and testing nuances
  • Domain focused analysts who bring business perspective to QA
  • Performance & Security testing pool
  • Multi - tool trained automation testers who can readily adapt to the tool of choice

At Tristha, we have the right balance of Strategy, Skills and Technology to support organizations on their digital transformation journey and be a partner who can provide assurance of quality delivery, on time every time!

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